Starting and ending queue managers

You start queue managers by using the strmqm command and end queue managers by using the endmqm command.

Because of the different implementation of IBM® MQ for HPE NonStop V8.1, certain features of strmqm and endmqm are not supported.

Unsupported strmqm options

The NonStop implementation is different to other IBM MQ implementations in the following areas:

High availability

Instead of a standby queue manager running on a different system (MIQM, multiple instance queue manager), as with Windows or Linux®, IBM MQ on NonStop implements the high availability NonStop queue manager (HANSQM) concept. See High availability (HANSQM) for details. Since HANSQM administration is different from MIQM, certain strmqm parameters available for other platforms are not supported on NonStop.

No logger
As IBM MQ for HPE NonStop V8.1 uses TMF enabled files for queue data storage, logger related strmqm options are not supported.
Specifically, the following strmqm options are not supported on NonStop:
  • -a (MIQM related option)
  • -r (MIQM related option)
  • -x (MIQM related option)

Unsupported endmqm options

The following options for endmqm are not supported on HPE NonStop servers:

  • -s
  • -x

Both options are meant to be used in connection with Multi Instance Queue Managers, available on distributed platforms. On the NonStop platform fault tolerance is achieved by the HANSQM feature. See High availability (HANSQM) for details.