Data storage

All queue data, and all implicit configuration data and metadata is stored in TMF-protected (audited) Enscribe files.

Implicit configuration data is data generated internally by the queue manager when queue manager objects, such as queues or channels, are created, deleted, or altered. All this information is TMF protected. Explicit configuration data is configuration data given by the user in OSS based .ini files (qm.ini, qmproc.ini). This data is copied to TMF-protected files and is restored automatically if required.

For each IBM® MQ queue there is exactly one Enscribe queue data file. Queue data files can be stored on different Guardian volumes or subvolumes, based on queue name patterns. For details see Configuring IBM MQ.

Queue data files can be partitioned. See Partitioning for details.

In a replication environment, the qm.ini file must always be copied to the replicated site after a queue manager is created or deleted (that is, crtmqm or dltmqm is executed).