Bindings options

IBM® MQ for HPE NonStop V8.1 supports three different kinds of bindings.

Bindings are the means of communications between applications and the queue manager. The following bindings are available:
Shared bindings
Shared bindings are only available when the application runs on the same CPU as the queue manager, and internally use shared memory.
Guardian bindings
Guardian bindings use Guardian based interprocess messages (“$RECEIVE messages”) for communication between application and queue manager. Guardian bindings are not available on any other platform than NonStop.

Isolated bindings are not available.

The default binding mechanism for all user applications on NonStop is Guardian bindings. This mechanism provides good performance and CPU independence for applications.

Using other types of binding does not allow the inheriting of application-initiated transactions by queue managers. Any applications using BEGINTRANSACTION/ENDTRANSACTION explicitly, or applications running as servers and inheriting TMF transactions from their clients, must use Guardian bindings to connect to IBM MQ (see Application-initiated TMF transactions).

IBM MQ internal applications might use other kinds of bindings for internal reasons. These applications are identified by their location in the bin directory of the installation tree (…/opt/mqm/bin). Under no circumstances store any user applications in that directory. User applications started from that directory are not supported.