Class SetSignalManager

Class SetSignalManager has the properties listed in the following table.

Table 1. SetSignalManager properties
Name Datatype Meaning
PrimaryCPU CPU The CPU where the primary SetSignalManager process will be started
BackupCPU CPU The CPU where the backup SetSignalManager process will be started. If set to the same CPU as PrimaryCPU, SetSignalManager runs as a single instance
Priority Number Priority for SetSignalManager process
ProcessName Processname Process name of SetSignalManager. This is automatically set by the system if no value is configured.
InactivityTimeout Number The number of minutes after a message has been sent to a process that SetSignalManager waits before doing a cleanup. The default is 1, the maximum 3000000 (approximately 6.5 years)
CloseOnTimeout Boolean By default the SetSignalManager closes its FILEOPEN on a target process after InactivityTimeout minutes have passed, set to False if processes should stay open
  • By default, SetSignalManager processes run as an HP NonStop process pair and do not need to run on the same CPU as the IBM MQ kernel processes. This arrangement gives scalability and robustness.
  • Setting CloseOnTimeout to False can increase the memory consumption of the process.
  • Increasing the value for InactivityTimeout can result in a higher peak memory consumption of the process.
  • If a process name is configured, and that name is already used by another process that is running, there will be no attempts to start the SetSignalManager process. This might lead to unexpected FFSTs.