Class Processes

Class Processes has the properties listed in the following table.

Table 1. processes properties
Name Datatype Meaning
PrimaryCPU CPU Preferred CPU of primary process.
BackupCPU CPU Preferred CPU of backup process.
AllowedCPUs CPU list Comma-separated list of CPUs that can be used to start a process instance on.
ProcessName Processname Optional process name of the EC process.

The only object of class Processes is EC, the execution controller process. By default, this process runs as a NonStop process pair, with primary on the CPU given as PrimaryCPU, and backup on the CPU given as BackupCPU. If any of these CPUs is not available, IBM® MQ chooses another one of the AllowedCPUs. If a CPU where either the primary or the backup instance runs fails, another primary or backup instance is started automatically on an available CPU from the list of allowed CPUs.

If you do not want to run the EC as a process pair (not recommended), you can achieve this by setting PrimaryCPU to the same CPU number as BackupCPU. In that case, the queue manager does not run in fault tolerant mode. If the EC fails, or the CPU used by the EC fails, the queue manager is completely unavailable.