Class CacheManager

Class CacheManager has the properties listed in the following table.

Table 1. CacheManager properties
Name Datatype Meaning
PrimaryCPU Number The CPU a CacheManager's primary process is initially started on.
BackupCPU Number The CPU a CacheManager's backup process is initially started on. A CacheManager will not run as a NonStop process pair if this is identical to the PrimaryCpu.
CPU Number Original V8.0.x property preserved for compatibility. (If set, PrimaryCPU takes priority.)
Priority Number Priority for cache manager process.
ProcessName Processname Process name of CacheManager. This is automatically set by the system if no value is configured.
CheckpointData String Set to 'T' (for true) to checkpoint non-persistent messages.
Note the following points:
  • CacheManager processes do not need to run on the same CPU as the IBM MQ kernel processes. This gives at least a minimum of scalability.
  • Any change to the CheckpointData property takes effect when the queue manager is restarted.
  • When the CheckpointData property is set to 'T', it is not guaranteed that a failover of the primary CacheManager process does not influence a running transaction under which non-persistent messages are put or got.
  • If a process name is configured, there will be no attempts to start the process under a different name if a different process under the configured name is already running. This might lead to unexpected FFSTs.
  • Errors might occur if the ProcessName property is configured by hand but a process with that name is already running.