usercreate (create user)

Creates user IDs for messaging users on the IBM® MQ Appliance.


>>-usercreate---- -u--username--+---------------+--+-------------------------+------->
                                '- -p--password-'  |                         |
                                                   |        .------,------.  |
                                                   |        V             |  |
                                                   '- -g- ----+-------+---+--'
                                                              |       |

        '- -d--description-' 


-u username
Specifies the user ID to be created.
-p password
Optionally specifies a password for the user ID.
-g group1, group2, groupn...
Optionally specifies one or more groups that the user belongs to. By default, all new users belong to the group named users (you cannot remove users from this group).
-d text
Optionally specifies a description for the user ID.


  • The following command creates a new user ID, myid, with the password, pword, belonging to the admin group:
    usercreate -u myid -p pword -g MQadmin