Note: For up-to-date product documentation, see the IBM MobileFirst Foundation Developer Center.

Configuring logging and monitoring mechanisms

IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation reports errors, warnings, and informational messages into a log file. The underlying logging mechanism varies by application server.

MobileFirst Server

IBM MobileFirst Platform Server (MobileFirst Server for short) uses the standard java.util.logging package. By default, all MobileFirst logging goes to the application server log files. You can control MobileFirst Server logging by using the standard tools that are available in each application server. For example, if you want to activate trace logging in WebSphere® Application Server Liberty, add a trace element to the server.xml file. To activate trace logging in WebSphere Application Server, use the logging screen in the console and enable trace for MobileFirst logs.

MobileFirst logs all begin with

Application Center logs begin with

For more information about the logging models of each application server, including the location of the log files, see the documentation for the relevant application server, as shown in the following table.
Table 1. Documentation for different server platforms
Application server Location of documentation
Apache Tomcat
WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5 full profile
WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5 Liberty profile

Log level mappings

MobileFirst Server uses the java.util.logging API. The logging levels map to the following levels:

  • WL.Logger.debug: FINE
  • INFO
  • WL.Logger.warn: WARNING
  • WL.Logger.error: SEVERE

Log monitoring tools

For Apache Tomcat, you can use IBM® Operations Analytics - Log Analysis or other industry standard log file monitoring tools to monitor logs and highlight errors and warnings.

For WebSphere Application Server, use the log viewing facilities that are described in IBM Knowledge Center. The URLs are listed in the table in the MobileFirst Server section of this page.

Back-end connectivity

To enable trace to monitor back-end connectivity, see the documentation for your specific application server platform in the table of section MobileFirst Server of this page. Use the package and set the log level to FINEST.

Audit log for administration operations

MobileFirst Operations Console stores an audit log for login, logout, and for all administration operations, such as deploying apps or adapters or locking apps. You can disable the audit log by setting the JNDI property mfp.admin.audit to false on the web application of the MobileFirst administration service (mfp-admin-service.war).

When the audit log is enabled, you can download it from MobileFirst Operations Console by clicking the Audit log link in the footer of the page.

Login and authentication issues

To diagnose login and authentication issues, enable the package for trace and set the log level to FINEST.