Note: For up-to-date product documentation, see the IBM MobileFirst Foundation Developer Center.

Developing applications

The process for developing applications has steps that are common to all environments: setting up a server, creating an initial server registration and corresponding configuration files, creating a new (or opening an existing) project in your chosen IDE, and adding the necessary SDK files to your IDE project. Also, server-side adapters can be developed as needed for the application.

Each MobileFirst application consists of server-side and client-side development. Before you can initially run your client app and connect to the server resources, the client app needs to be registered to the server.

Setting up the environment

Regardless of the target device platform, all MobileFirst applications need to be set up before they can be developed.

Using package-management tools to add the SDK to your existing app

Developing the app

MobileFirst can be developed for Apple devices using the iOS Objective-C SDK, Android-based devices using the Android Java™ SDK, web-browser devices using the web JavaScript SDK, and Windows devices using the Windows C# SDK. In addition, SDKs are provided for developing Cordova apps through a combination of a native platform SDK (iOS or Android) and JavaScript.

Using server-side resources

When the client app can connect to the server, it can use server-side resources such as adapters and security.

Build and deployment

For more information about building and deploying applications to a test or production server, see Deploying MobileFirst applications to test and production environments.