Obfuscating Android code with ProGuard

You can obfuscate Android code to provide security against reverse engineering.

You can use the Android ProGuard tool to obfuscate, shrink, and optimize your code. Obfuscated code can be more difficult for other people to reverse engineer. ProGuard renames classes, fields, and methods with semantically obscure names and removes unused code.

IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation provides a file that contains all of the necessary configuration information to run Android ProGuard obfuscation with a MobileFirst application. This file is called proguard-project.txt and is located in the MobileFirst Android native folder. Use Proguard 5.2. To change the Proguard version, replace the proguard folder with the new one in the android-sdk/tools folder.
Important: Because the tool obfuscates all Java™ files, consider that you will have to spend some time and resources to make it work, especially if you use libraries from other software vendors.