Deploying the project WAR file

For the MobileFirst runtime environment to start, you must deploy it to the server where the Administration Services application is installed. If you use WebSphere® Application Server Network Deployment, you can alternatively install the MobileFirst runtime environment in a server or cluster of the cell other than the one where the Administration Services application that manages this runtime is installed. If you do so, you must start the server or cluster where the Administration Services application is installed before the one where the MobileFirst runtime environment is installed.

Before you start

See Planning deployment of administration components and runtimes for the supported deployment topologies.

Install the MobileFirst Server by following the procedure in Installing MobileFirst Server.

If you have a farm topology, configure the server farm by following the procedure in Installing a server farm.

To serve users who are using the new session independent mode, as well as existing users whose apps work in session-dependent mode, you must deploy the new V7.1.0 WAR with its V7.1.0 artifacts, but WITHOUT removing the old WAR. For more information, see Upgrading projects to work in session-independent mode.

The database and application server prerequisites for this task are described in Installation prerequisites.

You must build a MobileFirst project WAR file by using MobileFirst Studio, or by following the instructions in Building a project WAR file with Ant. The WAR file contains the default configuration values for the server, and some resources for the MobileFirst applications and adapters.

You can deploy a MobileFirst project in one the following ways:
  • By using the Server Configuration Tool.
  • By using a set of Ant tasks that are supplied with MobileFirst Server to deploy a project WAR file and configure your databases and application servers.
  • By creating and configuring the databases manually, and deploying the project WAR file manually.