Installing MobileFirst Server

IBM® installations are based on an IBM product called IBM Installation Manager. Install IBM Installation Manager or later separately before you install IBM MobileFirst™ Platform Foundation.

Important: Ensure that you use IBM Installation Manager or later. This version contains an important fix for an issue identified in IBM Installation Manager 1.6.3. See

The MobileFirst Server installer copies onto your computer all the tools and libraries that are required for deploying a MobileFirst project or the IBM MobileFirst Platform Application Center in production, and IBM SmartCloud® Analytics Embedded.

MobileFirst Server can also automatically deploy the Application Center at installation time. In this case, a database management system and an application server are required as prerequisites and must be installed before you start the MobileFirst Server installer.

The installer can also help with upgrading an existing installation of MobileFirst Server to the current version. See Upgrading to IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation V7.1.0.

Before you install, take the time to consider the server topology in which you will deploy the administration components and the runtimes. The supported topologies are introduced in Planning deployment of administration components and runtimes.

The following topics describe the installation of MobileFirst Server, installation prerequisites, and the procedures for a manual installation and configuration of Application Center. After MobileFirst Server is installed, a MobileFirst project must be deployed to an application server. This deployment installs a IBM MobileFirst Platform Operations Console that can be used to upload applications and adapters. The instructions in Tutorial for a basic installation of MobileFirst Server are based on a simple installation scenario. For a complete description of the process of deploying a MobileFirst project, see Deploying MobileFirst projects.