Triggering dumps (Java applications only)

Health Center can trigger a monitored Java™ virtual machine to generate system dumps, heap dumps, and Java dumps (also known as Java core files).

To analyze the status of an application at a specific point in time, Health Center can trigger system dumps, heap dumps, and Java dumps (Java core files). This functionality is provided through the menu sequence Monitored System > Request a dump.
Note: System dumps are not available for applications that are running in Bluemix®.

When a dump is requested, a message appears in the Health Center logs.

When the monitored Java virtual machine finishes writing the dump, a dialog box is displayed reporting the location of the dump.


It is possible for information from a remote system to be dropped. For example, the remote agent discards requested data if the client does not retrieve it quickly enough. In such situations, the confirmation messages that a dump has been requested and written might not always appear.