Loading saved data

You can use Health Center to save data from a monitored application, then reload the saved data later on, without making a live connection. You can load data from multiple files by loading one file, then appending more files. You do not need use the same Health Center instance that created the data files; you can open the files in another instance of the same version.

Before you begin

For more information about saving data, see Saving data.

About this task


  1. If you are starting the Health Center client, cancel the connection wizard that opens during startup.
  2. Click File, then choose one of the following options:
    • Click Load Data... to discard any current data and load new data,
    • Click Append Data... to add new data to the data that you are currently viewing.
  3. Select a Health Center data file (these files have an .hcd file extension), then click Open.


Health Center attempts to parse the file and analyze the parsed data. This process can take some time depending on the quantity of data that is imported. When the analysis is complete, the Status perspective is updated to show the available information.
Note: If you are appending data, ensure that the sequence of data makes sense, otherwise the Health Center analysis is not useful. For example, do not append data from different machines or applications. Do not stop and restart monitoring, then append data from the two monitoring sessions, because the gap is shown in the Health Center graphs as a period of no data.