Maximo Network on Blockchain overview

By using Maximo Network on Blockchain, you can leverage blockchain technology to securely share work and data with your business network. Regardless of how complex your business network is, you can more easily engage with your network participants, securely share your data, and avoid fragmentation and costly risks and disputes. Maximo Network on Blockchain is available for both IBM® Maximo® Asset Management and IBM Maximo Asset Management (SaaS).

Securely share work and data

The more participants who are involved in viewing and editing data, the harder it can be to keep that data secure. Different participants require different degrees of access to data at different times. Your data must be available only to participants who need the data. Otherwise, your data can be more vulnerable to misuse, fraud, and fragmentation. By using Maximo Network on Blockchain, you can ensure that your data is accessible only to people or groups who must have it and that use of your data is tracked.

Data that you choose to share is stored in the digital ledger, where it cannot be removed or altered. Your digital ledger and data is protected as part of a permissioned ledger, which means that participants must provide proof of their membership to the business network, such as an ID, to access data. You establish the conditions in which a type of transaction can occur, such as who can be involved and what types of changes those network participants can make to the data, by configuring a smart contract to govern the transaction. You can configure individual smart contracts to fit the unique use cases for your business, so that every transaction is managed and secure, even if you are not actively involved in the transaction.

Maintain a comprehensive, trustworthy, and immutable transaction history

A comprehensive, trustworthy, and immutable transaction history is paramount for conflict resolution or regulatory audits, but when data is shared and edited within a business network, the transaction history can often be missing or contain errors or contradictions. Errors and contradictions can cost you valuable time and money and breed distrust with your business network and regulators. By using Maximo Network on Blockchain, you, your business network, and regulators all reference the digital ledger as a trustworthy and common source of truth.

The participant application is a conduit for your business network to view and access the data and for any updates or transactions to be shared back to and saved to the digital ledger and Maximo Asset Management. When any change is made to your data, whether by using Maximo Asset Management or the participant application, the change is automatically replicated in every peer of the digital ledger through peer-to-peer replication, which ensures that all copies of the data are identical and that fraudulent or erroneous changes cannot be made to the data. If a transaction includes an error that must be corrected, a new transaction must be made to correct the erroneous transaction.

Build a robust business network

Network participants might interact with you and with each other to view or edit data or work that is related to the data. Managing or monitoring these relationships often requires your direct involvement, which can cost you valuable time and energy. It can also require the use of an intermediary, which increases the costs of transactions and can increase delays.

You can simplify and streamline these complex relationships by building your business network and their subnetworks into Maximo Network on Blockchain. Efficient participation among your business network and subnetworks is enabled by sharing access to the participant application. Your smart contracts manage these relationships for you so that all participants who interact with your data are accountable for completing and accurately recording their own work and for maintaining the security of the data. You can also save time, money, and effort in managing and monitoring individual transactions or relationships between network participants. You can use Maximo Network on Blockchain to streamline your existing third-party management system.

Create a solution that works for you

You can configure a participant application and smart contract to fit a specific use case and to interact with different Maximo applications and data types. Network participants do not need access to Maximo Asset Management to use the participant application, and you can create multiple participant applications and smart contracts to use to fit different use cases for the same or different network participants.