IBM Maximo Health 8.2.0

IBM® Maximo® Health is an application in IBM Maximo Application Suite that you can use to improve your assets' reliability.

What is Maximo Health?

By using Maximo Health, you can consolidate operation, asset, and maintenance data to gain insight into asset performance and to optimize preventive maintenance and replacement planning. You can increase trust in your data by reviewing assets that have potential data quality issues, and you can configure asset scores to drive efficiency, optimize cost, and reduce risk.

Gain insight into asset performance

Use the data that you already rely on to analyze asset performance and take action. You can review your assets' current condition and history. You can use the provided views to track asset issues, such as high-cost assets or assets that have overdue work orders. You can focus on the performance indicators that matter to you by saving combinations of display settings, searches, filters, and queries as private views. You can select an asset to review other details, such as the health score, criticality score, and maintenance-to-replacement (MRR) ratio.

For assets that are in an active status, you can take action to improve the assets' performance by creating work orders or service requests. You can also create plans for the future of your assets or flag assets for major action, such as decommissioning, or as bad actors.

Complete replacement planning

Assets that are flagged for refurbishment or replacement or that have an expected end of life that is within two years, you can use either the Expected life view or Plan costs view to start the replacement planning process. Review the expected life of the asset or current plan costs over the next five years, open the asset, and then use the Create plan action to create the plan.

Increase trust in your data

Use work queues to take action and improve the quality of your assets' details and related data. Work queues group assets, such as assets that are missing installation dates or replacement costs, so that you can identify and resolve data quality issues or low health assets.

Drive efficiency, optimize costs, and reduce risk

Configure scoring elements for assets' health, criticality, and risk that enable you to plan more efficient and effective maintenance, optimize costs, and reduce risk. You can configure different score calculations for different groups of assets, and you can use Maximo formulas as the basis for the calculations.