Product overview

IBM® Maximo® for Nuclear Power supports industry requirements by modeling nuclear objects, such as tech specs, surveillance requirements, duty stations, lineups, clearances, impact plans, permits, and condition reports.

You use Maximo for Nuclear Power to manage all types of nuclear equipment, track regulatory requirements, and enhance operational and work management practices.

With Maximo for Nuclear Power, you can manage all aspects of equipment operations and the related work processes:

  • Manage all stages of the equipment lifecycle, including purchasing, acquisition, inventory control, configuration, work management, preventive maintenance, and condition reporting.
  • Manage regulatory compliance by tracking LCO actions against tech specs and surveillance requirements.
  • Manage shift operations by developing standardized duty station plans for the functions in your organization.
  • Generate duty station shift records that include advanced capabilities for equipment readings, narrative log processing, status reporting, and shift turnover.
  • Develop standardized lineups, clearances, job plans, impact plans, and permits for critical and recurring work activities.
  • Manage preventive maintenance programs with advanced scheduling and sequencing capabilities.
  • Promote nuclear safety by using lineups, clearances, impact plans, permits, condition reports, and corrective actions.
  • Automate processes for condition reporting and service request management by configuring predefined workflow content that is based on the Standard Nuclear Performance Model.
  • Configure predefined report content that is based on industry KPIs to suit your business needs.