IBM Maximo Calibration

Version 7.6

Quick Start Guide

This guide introduces IBM® Maximo® Calibration version 7.6, provides a link to a list of prerequisite software, gets you started with a typical installation, and provides a roadmap to other important information.

National Language Version: To obtain the Quick Start Guide in other languages, print the language-specific PDF from the installation media.

Product overview

IBM Maximo Calibration provides a solution to help you manage your calibration assets and the standards that are used to calibrate them. IBM Maximo for Life Sciences uses Maximo Calibration features to support life sciences and pharmaceutical manufacturing business requirements.

Step 1: Access the software and documentation

Access the product software from IBM Passport Advantage®. To download your product from Passport Advantage, follow the instructions in the Maximo Calibration Download Document (

Before you install the product, read the IBM Maximo Calibration 7.6 Installation Guide. Review any existing release notes for this product ( Release notes contain the latest information that is relevant to the installation of this product. If no additional information is available, this link returns no search results.

For complete documentation, including installation instructions, see the Maximo Calibration Knowledge Center (

Step 2: Plan the installation

Installing Maximo Calibration requires system administrator rights and privileges.

You install Maximo Calibration on a Microsoft Windows administrative workstation. For information about the hardware, software, and network requirements for your product, see the see the Other Maximo products system requirements page on the IBM Maximo Asset Management wiki (!/wiki/IBM%20Maximo%20Asset%20Management/page/Other%20Maximo%20products%20system%20requirements)

Step 3: Install the product

To install Maximo Calibration:

  1. Review the software requirements.
  2. Install Maximo Calibration.
Detailed instructions are in the IBM Maximo Calibration 7.6 Installation Guide in the IBM Maximo Calibration Knowledge Center (

More information

After you install the product, use the Knowledge Center to learn more about the product.

For information about installing IBM Maximo Asset Management 7.6, see the Maximo Asset Management version 7.6 Installation Guide in the Maximo Asset Management Knowledge Center.