Management Console overview

IBM® Management Console for IMS and Db2® for z/OS® (Management Console) is an application server that consolidates information about your IMS and Db2 for z/OS into a single, intuitive, graphical web interface. This interface is used on a client to connect to different services on z/OS. Management Console can accelerate your analysis of your z/OS environment and reduce the need for advanced mainframe skills.

You can use Management Console to manage automated database evaluations and monitor IMS and Db2 for z/OS resources across an enterprise. You can view aggregate statistics for groups of resources and detailed information for individual resources. You can use this information to identify resources that require your attention and to prevent problems.

The information in Management Console is gathered from various sources, including IBM Tools Base for z/OS components, IMS Tools products, Db2 Tools for z/OS products, IMS Operations Manager, and other sources.