IBM Maximo Safety components

The IBM® Maximo® Safety solution uses IoT data from wearables, environmental sensors, and other sources to help improve workplace safety, drive compliance with safety policies, and help protect workers from risks.

The IBM Maximo Safety solution focuses on issues that workers might experience in the workplace such as overexertion, falls, high or low temperature, high or low humidity in the environment, and proximity to dangerous machinery.

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IBM Maximo Safety mobile app

The mobile app is installed on mobile devices of workers and supervisors. The app has a worker mode and a supervisor mode.

Worker mode

In worker mode, the mobile app notifies the worker of risks in the workplace in the form of early alerts and personalized advice on the worker's mobile phone. If a worker is approaching a dangerous area, for example, visual and audible notifications occur on the worker's mobile phone and prompt the worker to acknowledge the risks.

When workers start their shift, they do these general steps:

  1. Open the app on their mobile device.
  2. Activate the sensors that are associated with their equipment. When the worker activates the sensors, a connection is established between the mobile app, the sensors, and the IBM® Maximo® Safety service.
  3. After the sensors are connected, tap Start Shift.

Supervisor mode

In supervisor mode, the mobile app notifies the supervisor when a worker is, for example, in a dangerous area or is experiencing a biometric issue, such as a high heart rate. If a worker has an issue, such as a fall or their vital signs are approaching heat exhaustion, the supervisor is notified and can take the necessary action to minimize or avoid harm to the worker.

IBM Maximo Safety dashboard

Administrators, operators, supervisors, and safety officers use the dashboard for the following tasks:

Safety officers use the dashboard for the following tasks:

Shield engine

A shield is a key building block of the IBM Maximo Safety solution.

A shield is a specific protection that provides alerts so that the supervisor or worker can react faster and reduce the effect of the event. For example, a company puts measures in place to shield workers from hazardous conditions. The IBM Maximo Safety solution provides shields to protect against those potential risks. For example, an unusual increase in heart rate can trigger a High Heart Rate shield, at which point the worker and supervisor are notified of the event.

The shield engine identifies all of the following information:

If the collected information meets a set of criteria that is defined by the shield, hazard events are sent from the mobile app to the IBM Maximo Safety service. The hazard is dispatched to the dashboard and the supervisor mode of the mobile app.

The appropriate action can be taken based on the information that the shield engine identifies.


Several REST APIs are available for IBM Maximo Safety. For more information, see Extending the solution with APIs.

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