Roles, scope, and context

Your role and its scope determine what data you see in IBM® Maximo® Safety and the degree to which you can alter it.

A user in IBM Maximo Safety is assigned one or more roles.

Maximo Safety has the following roles:

Scope determines the data that displays for you when you're viewing the Maximo Safety dashboard and mobile app. The scope of your role also controls how much access you're granted to create, update, and delete data.

In Maximo Safety, scope is also referred to as context.

Maximo Safety combines your role and context to establish access control. For more information about access control in IBM Maximo Safety, see Role-based access control.

The following table displays how Maximo Safety roles map to Maximo Application Suite roles and entitlement. For more information about Maximo Application Suite roles and entitlement, see

Maximo Safety role Maximo Application Suite Entitlement Maximo Application Suite role
Application administrator Base Application administrator
Operator Limited Application user
Supervisor Base Application user
Workers None Not applicable
Gateway None Not applicable