About the Platform Service

The Platform Service component provides IoT device connectivity, IoT data filtering and mapping, and device management tools.

The Platform Service acts as an IoT device message broker for device registration, IoT data management, and IoT device management. Platform Service provides secure communication to and from your devices by using MQTT and TLS.

Platform Service is built on the following key areas:


The following limitations apply to the Platform Service when used with Maximo Monitor:

For more information about these limitations, and workarounds for potential corresponding issues, see the Storing data troubleshooting section.

Accessing the Platform Service UI

You can create devices, device types, and logical interfaces from the Connect page. From the side menu, select Connect.

To access the Platform Service dashboard, click Open Platform Service application from the Connect page. Use the Platform Service dashboard for activites such as setting up access control and creating rules and actions.

Managing Platform Service access

From the Platform Service members page, you can control and manage access to your Platform Service organization. You can add users by adding, inviting, or importing them. You can also give different levels of access to your users by assigning roles.

For more information, see Managing user access.