Combination of security groups

In the Security Groups application, you can combine security groups to manage the security infrastructure within or across organizations.

When you combine security groups, the following rules apply:

Combining security in a multiple site environment

Combining privileges is useful when you have multiple sites. Typically, you set up security groups that only define site access. You set up other security groups to define application privileges, purchasing approval limits, and so on. For example, your organization has three sites, site 1, site 2, and site 3. You have a user for whom you created a security profile that includes site 1 and associated privileges. You want the user to have the same privileges at site 2, therefore, you add site 2 to the profile for the user.

You can also define some security groups as independent, so that when you combine security groups, a user has a set of privileges at one site and a different set of privileges at another site.