Automation scripts

An automation script consists of a launch point, variables with corresponding binding values, and the source code. You use wizards to create the components of an automation script. You create scripts and launch points or you create a launch point and associate the launch point with an existing script.

You can also create library scripts, which are reusable pieces of programming language that automation scripts can invoke from the body their code. Library scripts must be hosted on the same system.

Prerequisite skills

To automate tasks, you must have knowledge in the following areas:
  • Scripting language syntax and operations
  • Product configurations such as workflow processes, escalations, and actions
  • Application data models and relationships
Experience with Maximo® business object (MBO) API is an advantage although not a prerequisite.

Components of automation scripts

For a script to run, you specify the following components:
  • A launch point that defines the context for the script to run
  • Variables and corresponding binding values
  • Source code written in a supported scripting language
Launch point
A launch point defines the execution context for a script, for example when a business object is updated or a value is entered into a field. Five types of launch point are supported and the Automation Scripts application provides a separate wizard application for creating each type of launch point.
Variables and binding values
You can specify the variables that determine how information is passed into or received from a script in the wizard applications. Variables are not mandatory, but when you use variables it simplifies the amount of code to be written and is easier to reuse the code.
Source code
You can write source code in an external application and import it into the Automation Scripts application. Alternatively, you can enter code directly into the Source Code field in the wizard applications. The source code must be written in the languages that are supported by the following script engines:
  • Mozilla Rhino, version 1.6 release 2
  • Jython, version 2.5.2