Configuring task cards and master task cards

Task cards contain detailed information for scheduled maintenance work on aircraft or pieces of equipment. When tasks become due, work orders are generated. Warnings are generated when task cards meet or exceed their warning limit, to prevent the task cards becoming overdue.

Task cards can contain job card information that is copied to work orders.

You define a frequency schedule that determines when work orders are generated to perform the task. You can define frequency intervals on a task card. Or you can define frequency intervals on a master task card and associate the master task card with a task card. The frequency intervals that are defined for the master task card then apply to the associated task card. You can configure the master task card to automatically adjust the next due date for maintenance tasks.

You can also define a sample task and a sample frequency schedule on a master task card. You set the sample threshold and sample interval of maintenance tasks for aircraft that are included in the sampling program that is outlined in the OMP.

In the Master Task Card application, you monitor the maintenance tasks that affect the weight and balance of an aircraft. You can associate the weight and balance details in the master task card to task cards, job cards, work orders, and work packages. You can enable version control of task card records to track revisions of task cards.