Types of domains

There are several types of domains that are used in the product. Domains define the values that are allowed in fields. They can be available in lookup list dialog boxes that are also referred to as Select Value lists. Domains also define the values that can be typed directly in a field. Domains helps ensure that valid and consistent data is entered and reported on. Domains are used throughout the product.

You can add or edit all types of domains except synonym domains, which can only be edited. You can work with the following types of domains:
A static list of alphanumeric values.
A static list of numeric values.
Numeric range
A list of numeric values that you define by specifying a range.
These are special, reserved domains that list internal values used by the product's business logic. You cannot add or delete synonym domains or internal values but you can add synonym values that are presented to the user.
A list of values that are chosen from another table. The data in the other table can change frequently.
A special table domain in which the values from another table are copied (or crossed over) and brought into the application where the user is working.

Internal domains

Some domains are used by the business logic of the product. These domains are called internal domains. You can modify only the description of the internal domain and internal domain values.

Work with the application in your nonproduction environment, and then import the changes to your production environment.