What's new in Maximo Anywhere V7.6.4

To improve the user experience, significant functional enhancements are included in IBM® Maximo Anywhere version 7.6.4.

Streamlined architecture

To streamline the Maximo Anywhere architecture, functionality was migrated from the middleware to the Maximo® Integration Framework and the Anywhere Administration application. This configuration capitalizes on the feature set of IBM Maximo Asset Management making Maximo Anywhere easier to install, deploy, and manage. The streamlined architecture enables direct communication between Maximo Asset Management and mobile devices without the requirement of a middleware component. This enhancement improves device connectivity, serviceability, and performance.

Simplified installation and upgrade process

Maximo Anywhere version 7.6.4 builds on its single-vendor solution by using the same supported product matrix as Maximo Asset Management. By streamlining the product architecture, the installation and upgrade procedures are simplified. If you are upgrading from an earlier release of Maximo Anywhere, any supported customizations that you made to your mobile apps are automatically upgraded to version 7.6.4.

Simplified configuration

A single administration application is provided with Maximo Anywhere to simplify the configuration of your mobile apps.