Map capabilities in Maximo Anywhere

The map view in a Maximo Anywhere app provides mobile workers with the geographical location of work orders in their current work list. When Maximo Anywhere is configured to use a map service provider, mobile workers can get a route and directions to their work order locations. Both Esri online and offline maps are supported. IBM® Maximo® Spatial Asset Management maps are also supported.

For Maximo Spatial Asset Management maps, you can locate on maps objects that are associated with assets, and locations, as well as work orders. You can also see, for example, pumps, and valves that you configure in Maximo Spatial Asset Management in a map running using Maximo Anywhere.

For offline maps using the Esri map service provider, the map view is based on a map that covers the defined geographical areas in which your mobile workers operate. Offline Esri maps are created by using Esri ArcGIS capabilities, must be stored as TPK files on the mobile device, and are always available regardless of connectivity. The availability of extra map features depends on connectivity, at least for sufficient time that allows mobile workers to obtain a route and directions.

When mobile workers are offline, the map view shows the current work orders that contain positioning information. The map view shows the route and position markers for each work location and provides turn-by-turn directions. Route and directions information is automatically saved to the device so that it can be accessed when the device is not connected.

To use offline maps, you need to create the maps according to directions from your map service provider.

When Maximo Anywhere is configured to use GPS, the mobile worker's current location appears on the map.

For online maps using the Esri map service provider, from the Work Order Details screen, you can see your current GPS location and the work order location and route. A connection must be available to see these details. You can configure the color, transparency, and width of the route lines between markers. You can also configure the zoom level of the online maps.

In the work list, work orders can be sorted by date, work order number, location, or priority. When the mobile worker is online, the route on the map view is created based on the sort order.

To plot work orders on the map view, Maximo Anywhere requires positioning information. Only the work orders that include positioning information are shown in the map view.

If IBM Maximo Spatial Asset Management is in your enterprise system environment, the positioning information comes from the work order objects and related objects whose features have geographic coordinates on the Esri ArcGIS server.

If Maximo Spatial Asset Management is not in your enterprise system environment, the positioning information comes only from the geographic coordinates that are stored in an associated service address.