Installing Maximo Anywhere apps on Windows devices

To install the apps on Windows devices, you must install the Application Center mobile client. The Application Center mobile client is a secure catalog of available mobile apps.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have installed the Windows development tools and the Visual C++ redistributable packages are installed on the target Windows devices.

Import your certificate PFX file into the Trusted People store on each tablet.

For Windows 8.1 devices, run Powershell and accept the terms for the developer license.

For Windows 10 devices, from the Settings menu, enable sideloading of apps. For more information, see sideloading apps in Windows 10.

About this task

You can install Maximo Anywhere mobile apps on Windows 8.1 (64-bit and excluding RT) or Windows 10 devices.

Certificates are used to sign the apps. The certificates must be installed on the mobile devices as trusted certificates. Maximo Anywhere provides default certificates. The default certificates are in the windows\native directory for each app. Each certificate is called MaximoAnywhere_TemporaryKey.pfx. This certificate is temporary and must be replaced with your own certificate.


  1. From the mobilefirst_install_dir/ApplicationCenter/installer directory, download the file to your Windows device.
  2. Extract the file, and run IBMApplicationCenter.exe.
  3. Enter the Microsoft Windows product key. Product keys are required for sideloading apps that are not published in the Windows Store. The product keys must be licensed through Microsoft and installed on the mobile device operating system. For more information, see sideloading Windows apps.
  4. Replace the temporary certificate with your own certificate.
    1. In Visual Studio Tools, open the app by double-clicking the *.jsprojfile that is in the windows\native directory.
    2. From Solution Explorer, select the package.appxmanifest file and click the Packaging tab.
    3. In the Choose Certificate window, select one of the options for including a *.pfx certificate. The certificate is copied to the windows\native directory for the app.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Repeat this process for each Maximo Anywhere app.
  5. Start the Application Center app on your device. The context is applicationcenter.
  6. Connect to your MobileFirst Server and download and install the Maximo Anywhere apps.