Understanding Application Points

IBM® Maximo® Application Suite application usage, runtime, and user access are managed by using Application Points (AppPoints).

From a user perspective, AppPoint usage is not visible. A user logs in, selects an application to work with, and then works within that application without having to know anything about AppPoints.

Any Maximo Application Suite workspace has a number of AppPoints allocated, which is set by the license. These AppPoints are consumed as users log in and use the product. You can configure your environment to enforce the AppPoint entitlement, and block users from logging in if your AppPoint entitlement is exceeded. If compliance is not enforced, users are able to log in, but you might be charged for the overage.

For more information about entitled AppPoint balance, and usage monitoring, see the Manage licenses and AppPoint usage topic.

User AppPoint allocation

The following tables provide an overview of the AppPoint allocation for administrator and application user entitlements:

Administrator user entitlement Reserved AppPoints
Limited 5
Base 10
Premium 15

Reserved AppPoints are consumed when a user is granted administrator entitlement. The reserved AppPoints ensure that the user can log in to perform administrative tasks at any time.

Application user entitlement Session AppPoints
None System management
Limited 5
Base 10
Premium 15

Application user AppPoints are checked out when a user logs in to Maximo Application Suite and are returned when the user session ends. The application user entitlement level of a user allows an application administrator grant access to different Maximo Application Suite applications.

For more information, see the Manage users topic.

Application AppPoint allocation

Certain applications, tools, and add-ons require an up front AppPoint reservation at deployment time. The AppPoint cost is outlined in the catalog entry for each component.