Installing Maximo Application Suite

The IBM® Maximo® Application Suite installation process includes downloading the installer from IBM Passport Advantage, acquiring your entitlement key, installing the Maximo Application Suite components on Red Hat® OpenShift®, accessing your license on, and completing the initial setup of the core software.

Note: The following process discusses customer-managed Maximo Application Suite. For IBM managed Maximo Application Suite, no action is required and you can go directly to Getting started.

Before you begin

Before you begin the Maximo Application Suite installation, make sure that you complete the following tasks:

Installation process

The installation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Download the Maximo Application Suite software and your entitlement key.
    Follow the procedure that is outlined in the Maximo Application Suite download document to access and download the software and your entitlement key.
  2. Install Maximo Application Suite on Red Hat® OpenShift®.
    Follow the installation process to install Maximo Application Suite on OpenShift.
  3. Complete the Maximo Application Suite setup.
    To finish the installation, you must now complete the Maximo Application Suite setup.
    As part of the core software setup, you create a default administrator user account that has access to the Maximo Application Suite administrative interface. Use this administrative account to add and manage users, deploy applications, and more.

  4. Deploy your first application and add users.
    After you complete the installation and initial setup, the Maximo Application Suite administrator user that is created as part of the setup can log in to Maximo Application Suite to complete the configuration by deploying one or more applications and adding Maximo Application Suite users.

  5. Configure applications.
    After deploying an application, application administrators can access the application by using the Maximo Application Suite application navigator to complete any necessary tasks that are outlined in the getting started documentation for the application.

Next steps

After Maximo Application Suite is installed and set up, you can configure your environment.