Getting started with Maximo Application Suite

IBM® Maximo® Application Suite places a collection of powerful asset and data management tools at your fingertips.

Use the following steps to get started with Maximo Application Suite.

Step 1: Log in to Maximo Application Suite

Log in to the Maximo Application Suite web console.

Step 2: Optionally set the user interface language and region

You can set the preferred locale and time zone for supported Maximo Application Suite applications. The preferences that you set here override the default settings in the browser that you use to access the suite.

For example, if your preferred language is set to German and you access Maximo Application Suite from a browser set to English, the user interface is displayed in German. For more information, see Optionally set user preferred Maximo Application Suite language and region.

Tip: You can update the language and region settings at any time.

Step 3: Get started

Your next action depends on your role, which is defined by your entitlements and access settings. For more information, see Sample user roles configurations.

Application user

The application user has access to one or more applications that run in Maximo Application Suite. From the home page, select the application that you want to work with.
Maximo Application Suite uses single sign-on to open the application at its home page and to start your session.
Tip: If your user ID does not have access to the application that you want to use, contact your Maximo Application Suite administrator to get access.
For more information, see the relevant documentation in the Related topics section.

Tip: Use the common application switcher in the main toolbar to switch to other applications, or to get back to the home page. As you dive in and out of applications, Maximo Application Suite single-sign on manages all session details.

Application administrator

The application administrator manages Maximo Application Suite applications, including adding users, deploying and activating applications, and more. Administrators also have access to the administration page by selecting the admin icon in the menu bar.
Typical tasks:

Application suite administrator

The application suite administrator manages the underlying infrastructure resources, such as OpenShift, and Db2.
Typical tasks:

See the following topics for application-specific getting started tasks: