Administer license and AppPoints usage

The user access limit for your Maximo Application Suite organization is set by your contracted AppPoint entitlement. By monitoring your AppPoint usage, you can periodically review whether you need to adjust your entitlement and update your license file.

Note: The following information pertains to license management for customer-managed Maximo Application Suite. For IBM managed Maximo Application Suite, uploading of license keys is handled by your Maximo Application Suite representative. For more information, see your Welcome letter.

From the License and reporting page, you can do the following tasks:

View usage reports

The Report tab provides an overview of the AppPoint entitlement for your Maximo Application Suite contract and license information, such as start and expiration dates.

To get an overview of your organization's AppPoint usage over time, use the built-in reports to see how well your contracted AppPoints meet your environment requirements.

Use the report information to identify AppPoint overages to see whether they occur regularly and can be managed by adjusting your contract and uploading a new license.

The following reports are available from the License and compliance page:

Tip: You can also download the reports in CSV format for further analysis.

Configure licenses

On the Configuration tab you can enable or disable compliance enforcement, set a default login message, set automatic reporting, and upload a new license file.

Compliance enforcing

The number of AppPoints that are allocated to each Maximo Application Suite workspace is set by the product license. These AppPoints are consumed as you deploy applications, add-ons, and industry solutions that come with an AppPoint cost, and also when users log in and use the product. You can configure your environment to enforce the AppPoints limit and block users from logging in if the AppPoint entitlement is exceeded. For more information about AppPoint costs, see AppPoints.

When enforcement is enabled, you can optionally provide a login message that is displayed if a user's login is denied. Modify the sample message to fit your environment and situation.


The maximum number of simultaneous users are already logged in. Try logging in again in a little while.

Update your license key file

If changes are made to your IBM® Maximo® Application Suite license, you must upload a new license file that reflects that change.

License management requires the following entitlement and access:

Administration Enablement Administration Access
Base or Premium System management

The license update process includes two main tasks.

  1. Acquire your updated Maximo Application Suite license key.
    The license key is provided with your purchase of Maximo Application Suite. You can download the file from the License Key Center by logging in to your IBM Rational License Key Center account. The login information is provided with the License Key Center welcome letter. For more help on licensing, see the IBM Support - Licensing page on
    To create the license file, you must provide the following license server parameters that were provided in the license step of the setup process:

    Parameter Value
    Configuration Single
    Host ID The server MAC address
    Hostname The server Hostname
    Port The server port
    Default: 27000
    Host ID Type The server Ethernet address
  2. Update the license.
    You use the Maximo Application Suite administration pane to replace your existing license key file.

    1. From the Suite administration page, select license consumption.
    2. In the Configuration tab, click Replace license file.
    3. Upload the new license file.

The new license is applied on commit.

Note: If the license file update fails, Maximo Application Suite automatically rolls back to the previous license.