Administering industry solutions

On the Industry solutions tab in the IBM® Maximo® Application Suite catalog, administrators who have workspace management access can add and remove industry solutions.

Industry solutions management requires the following entitlement and access:

Administration enablement Administration access
Base or Premium System management

Application suite administrators can manage the Maximo Application Suite industry solutions collection.

The following industry solutions-related actions are available:

Each industry solutions is installed and configured external to Maximo Application Suite.

Configuring industry solutions

The industry solutions that are available for your installed Maximo Application Suite version can be configured for use with your environment.

Follow the detailed instructions for industry solution configuration:

Deleting industry solutions

By deleting an industry solution, you remove it from access. To reinstate it, you can later reconfigure the industry solution.

Industry solution data and metadata for the deleted industry solution is not deleted but is retained with the industry solution infrastructure. To completely remove the industry solution, you must also uninstall any industry solution software that is installed external to Maximo Application Suite.

To delete an industry solution:

  1. From the Suite administration Catalog page, select the Industry solutions tab.
  2. Select the industry solutions that you want to delete.
  3. On the industry solution Summary page, select Actions > Delete configuration.
  4. Verify that you want to delete the industry solution and then click Delete.
    The industry solution configuration is removed. If there was an AppPoint cost associated with the industry solution, it is now returned to your license AppPoint pool.
    If Slack notifications are enabled, you see live updates in your chosen channel as the components are successfully deleted.