Administer Maximo Application Suite applications

By using the IBM® Maximo® Application Suite catalog Applications tab, administrators who have workspace management access can add and remove applications and manage user access for each application.

Application management requires the following entitlement and access:

Administration Enablement Administration Access
Base or Premium System management

Application suite administrators can manage the Maximo Application Suite application collection.

The following application-related actions are available:

Deploying and activating applications

Applications that are available with your installed Maximo Application Suite version can be deployed into your environment. As part of the application deployment, you must also configure the application for use with Maximo Application Suite.

By default, the application is not available to any users until you activate the application and then grant users access. Each deployed application is available from the Suite navigator and is also available at fixed URLs.

Step 1: Deploy the application.

Follow the detailed instructions for pre-deployment, deployment, and post-deployment steps for the application that you are deploying:

Step 2: Activate the application.

A deployed application is not immediately available. Before you can grant user access and start working with the application, you must activate the application.
Important: Before you activate the application, make sure that you completed all required post-deployent steps for the application. Failing to complete these steps before you activate the application might result in unexpected behavior, and might require you to deactivate and redeploy the application.
To activate an application, from the application catalog page, click Activate.
Note: If the application deployment is not complete, the Activate option is unavailable. Wait until the application deployment is completed and then activate the application.

Step 3: Grant your users access to the application.

Activating the application makes it available, but does not automatically grant your users access to the application. Administrators with User management administration can now grant users access to the application.

Deactivating and deleting applications

By deleting an application, you remove it from access. To reinstate it, you can later redeploy the application.
Application data and metadata for the deleted application is not deleted but is retained in the corresponding repositories, such as MongoDB and Db2.
Important: When you deactivate or delete an application, all users who were granted access to the application have that access revoked. If you later redeploy the application, you must grant the users access again.
To delete an application:

  1. From the Catalog, select the Applications tab.
  2. Select the application that you want to delete.
  3. On the application summary page, click Delete application
  4. Verify that you want to disable the application and then click Delete application.
    The application is no longer available in the Suite navigator. If an AppPoint cost is associated with the application, it is returned to your license AppPoint pool.
    If your Slack notifications are enabled, you see live updates in your chosen channel as the components are successfully deleted.

Updating applications

When new versions of applications are installed as part of a Maximo Application Suite upgrade, you can update the deployed applications.

Follow the detailed instructions for pre-update, update, and post-update steps for the application that you are updating:

Maximo Application Suite application URLs

When you installed Maximo Application Suite, you defined the following environment variables, which are used to create the application access URLs:

Maximo Application Suite core component URLs

Each Maximo Application Suite core component has a subdomain:

Maximo Monitor

IoT tool

In addition, URIs are available for special purposes as needed:

IBM® Maximo® Health

IBM® Maximo® Predict

IBM® Maximo® Visual Inspection

IBM® Maximo® Safety

IBM® Maximo® Assist