Applications and tools

A number of key applications are included with IBM® Maximo® Application Suite. Each application comes with its own subset of documentation.

The following applications and tools are available for Maximo Application Suite:


IBM® Maximo® Manage

Maximo Application Suite works with Maximo® Manage to provide a comprehensive view of all asset types, their conditions and locations, and the work processes that support them, to provide you with optimal planning, control, audit, and compliance capability.

The Maximo database provides critical information about asset resources, including key attributes, their configuration, and their physical and logical relationships to other resources.

From the hierarichal navigator, users can drill down through layers from a system-wide view to individual assets. Analytic functions are applied to input data, and the output is displayed on value cards, tables, images, line graphs, and alert tables.

Maximo Application Suite is available from the following URLs:

Note: For Maximo Application Suite 8.1.0, the Maximo® Manage application is not integrated with Maximo Application Suite. It is used as a stand-alone but linked application. You can access Maximo® Manage from the application navigator.

For more information, see the IBM Maximo Asset Management documentation.

IBM® Maximo® Monitor

By using Maximo Monitor, business users can visualize current and historical trend data for their devices and assets in customizable dashboards.

From the start center, you can establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor asset conditions and trigger automated action based on changes. You can create, assign, monitor, notify, and report on key process components, such as work orders, service desk tickets, and purchase orders, including status from start to finish.

You can also add attachments, such as maps, pictures, and URLs, to each record or task to enhance communication and productivity further.

The data is marked up with alert information that is driven from built-in anomaly detector models and alert functions.

Maximo Monitor is available from the application navigator or directly at the following URL:

For more information, see the Maximo Monitor documentation.

IBM® Maximo® Health

By using Maximo® Health, you can improve your asset’s reliability by understanding asset health and taking action as needed.

You can review your assets’ performance and condition indicators, such as the last failure date and the maintenance-to-replacement ratio (MRR), and take action by creating work orders and service requests. You can use work queues to improve the quality of your asset’s details and related data. You can also configure scoring for assets’ health, criticality, and risk.

Maximo® Health is available from the application navigator or directly at the following URL:

For more information, see the Maximo® Health documentation.

IBM® Maximo® Predict

Maximo® Predict uses historical and near real-time asset performance data, maintenance records, inspection reports, and environmental data to correlate performance factors that predict asset degradation or failure. Maximo® Predict uses artificial intelligence to optimize predict model accuracy. By using Maximo® Predict, you can determine the estimated time to failure for an asset, the probability of a failure occurring in a selected prediction window, the historical trend of failure probability scores for an asset, the probability of end of life failure for an asset, the anomalies that might indicate potential failures, and the trend of anomaly scores for an asset over time.

Maximo® Predict is available from the application navigator or directly at the following URL:

For more information, see the Maximo® Predict documentation.


IoT tool

The IoT tool provides device connectivity, data filtering and mapping, and device management tools and is required by Maximo Monitor.

The IoT tool is available from the application navigator or directly from the following URL:

The IoT APIs are available at the following URIs:

For more information, see the IoT tool section of the Maximo Monitor documentation.

Digital Twin Exchange

Access the Digital Twin Exchange directly from Maximo Application Suite to browse, purchase, download, and manage digital twin resources that are provided by a growing ecosystem of manufacturers, OEMs, and third-parties.

For more information, see the Digital Twin Exchange.