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Limitations & Exclusions

Maximo Application Suite SaaS is implemented using a defined set of technologies and operates within a security profile designed to ensure our client's data is secure and the applications operate efficiently and effectively. As a result of the decisions made regarding technologies and to meet the high security standards, there are differences between what is available using the Managed Services and what a client could do if they hosted and operated the Suite themselves.

The following items are not included or allowed in the Maximo Application Suite SaaS offering:


The following are database limitations of the MAS-SaaS offering:

  • Only IBM DB2 Warehouse is supported. Oracle and SQLServer are not currently supported. Conversion services are available.

  • If converting from Oracle to DB2, Oracle compatibility mode is not supported.

  • DB2 Text Search is not supported.

  • Running SQL statements (update/insert/delete) directly on the database is not allowed and IBM SRE team will not be able to execute those statements for you. DBC scripts are not allowed. Customers should carry out these changes using the Maximo UI via Automation Scripts or the Maximo Integration Framework.

Database Access

The following table shows database access based on MAS-SaaS Edition:

Database Access Type Essentials Standard Premium
Execute Database Configuration Changes Y 1 Y 1 Y 1
PROD DB Read Access N N N
PROD DB Write Access N N N
PROD Replica DB Read Access N 2 Y Y
PROD Replica DB Write Access N 2 N N
Non-PROD DB Read Access N Y 3 Y 3
Non-PROD DB Write Access N Y 3 Y 3
Triggers / Procedures N N N

1 Customers must use the Database Configuration Application in Manage to Create/Update Tables/Columns/Indexes/Sequences. They can then use the Self Service Portal (SSP) to commit and execute these changes
2 Replica DB not available in Essentials Edition
3 Customers should use the Self Service Portal (SSP) to request access

Java Extensions

Java extensions are not supported. Maximo Manage Automation Scripting capability should instead be used. Existing Maximo customers who have Java extensions will need to migrate / convert these functions into automation scripts within the application.

3rd Party Applications

Maximo Application Suite SaaS will not host or support 3rd party applications. 3rd Party applications hosted outside the of the MAS-SaaS environment can be integrated to applications with the Suite provided they follow standard MAS integration protocols.

AWS and MAS Administrator Functions

Direct access to ROSA clusters is not available. Changes required must be submitted using an IBM support case and the IBM SRE team will execute. Clients will not have access to the operating system, file system, database or overall system administration of the Suite. MAS User Admin Access is allowed.

Admin Access Type Essentials Standard Premium
AWS Admin Access
ROSA OpenShift Cluster Admin N N N
MAS Admin Access
MAS Admin (Deploy New App, Configure SSO, SMTP) N N N
MAS User Admin (Manager users, Configure license type, license usage) Y Y Y