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Client Communications Center (CCC)

IBM MAS-SaaS Client Communications Center URL:

MAS-SaaS CCC Main Page
Figure 1. MAS-SaaS CCC Main Page

The IBM MAS Client Communication Center (CCC) portal is the primary communication channel for environment alerts, incidents, maintenance, security and announcement notices for all MAS-Dedicated customer environments.

It is important that all customers designate members of their staff to log in to the CCC portal and subscribe to email notifications in order to receive important information and notice of upcoming maintenance regarding their environment(s).

CCC Access

Access to the Client Communication Center portal is managed through the Access Management Tool in the Self-Service Portal (SSP). This self service tool allows clients to submit access requests for their environments and revoke accesses they no longer need.

To obtain access to the Client Communication Center, follow the steps in the following link to submit an Access Request: How to Request CCC Access

Please note an an IBMid and password is required to access the Client Communication Center. If you do not have an IBMid, please sign up for one at:

Once the IBMid is activated you will receive an email confirmation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process please open a Support Case.


Once you are able to login to the CCC portal, you can sign up to receive notifications directly via or email or RSS Feed. Further information is provided below.

Email Subscription Important Notes:

  • Users who are granted access to the Client Communication Center portal are automatically subscribed to all notifications.

  • Select the E-Mail Subscription button (in the upper right hand corner) to subscribe to notification emails (announcements).

  • Enter the email address for the user(s) who should receive email notifications. This option is provided to enable other members of your organization to still receive email announcements although they may not require access to the Client Communication Center portal.

  • All emails referenced must be associated with an IBMid

  • Multiple email addresses can be specified, separated by comma.

  • All announcement categories (Alert, Announcement, Incident, Maintenance, Security) are selected by default. Click the down arrow on the Subscribe to field to uncheck any announcement types you do not wish to receive. For a description of the announcement categories, see the table below. All recipients entered in the Email field will receive the selected types.

  • Read the Privacy Policy terms

  • Select the Subscribe button

  • You can also unsubscribe to notifications by using the Subscription button, clicking the Unsubscribe to Notifications button and entering the email address.

Category Description
Alert Automatically generated system alerts. (Note: Alerts are not currently configured for use, but will be at a later date.)
Announcement General announcements regarding the MAS-MS and MAS-Dedicated platform.
Incident Communication of a security incident or breach.
Maintenance Planned maintenance windows including initial announcement and status of maintenance work in progress.
Security Security specific announcements or planned maintenance related to a security issue.

If you have an environment that is not operational and you have not received a CCC notification regarding an outage, please submit a support case with the environment URL and any further details. Production environments can be submitted as a Sev 1. Non-Production environments can be submitted as a Sev 2.

  • RSS Feed

Select the RSS feed icon to view feeds and add the URL to your Feed viewer