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Maximo Application Suite SaaS - Premium

Defining Characteristics

  • Standard + incremental features
  • Enterprise offering with maximum flexibility
  • Large set of core features with numerous additional options for tailored solutions


  • Most configurable package well-suited for clients with custom & complex deployment requirements
  • Provides maximum operational flexibility
  • Offers maximum capacity & options for integration


Full MAS Suite with Custom Operational Options 2

  • Flexible scheduling of updates & upgrades (within limits & excluding security updates)
  • Support for multiple VPNs
  • Deployment validations for regulated industries
  • Assigned personnel

Additional purchase options

  • Extended update/upgrade schedules
  • Extended data retention periods
  • Multi-site / Multi-zone support
  • Enhanced Disaster Recovery
  • Choice of any AWS data center (that offers necessary services) 2
  • Oracle or SQL Server database 2
  • Direct (Private) Connect 2
  • Multi-Workspaces 2

2 Availability of options will vary. Not all will be available at initial release.

All Premium Edition deployments include the following features:

  • Assignment of a coordinator to assist communication between Client and IBM.
  • Deployment validation for clients in regulated industries.
  • Flexible scheduling of Application upgrades within a window determined and communicated by IBM.
  • Extended retention of database backups. At Client’s request, database backups will be retained for up to one (1) year.

Premium Edition Clients may purchase additional AppPoints to deploy Applications in a non-shared cluster.

Non-shared Premium Edition deployments include the following features:

  • Extended scheduling of Application upgrades according to IBM’s long term support release schedule. The Cloud Service must always be on a version that is eligible to receive Application updates and security patches. Software utilized by the Cloud Service (e.g., RedHat OpenShift or IBM CloudPak for Data) has its own release cycle. All software utilized by the Cloud Service must be a version that is eligible to receive software updates and security patches.

Limitations & Exclusions

All Premium Edition Clients must acquire entitlement to IBM Expert Labs Expertise Connect for Sustainability at a quantity determined by the size and type of their deployment.

All Premium Edition Applications are subject to the following limits:

  • Client may select one option from a set of preferred regions in which to deploy the Cloud Service.
  • IBM will choose the database with which to deploy the Cloud Service.
  • Direct access to the Production Environment database is not permitted.
  • Communication between Client and IBM must be initiated via the IBM Support ticket system.


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