Configuring ephemeral storage

To configure ephemeral storage, you can add parameters to the HealthWorkspace custom resource definition by using the Red Hat® OpenShift® administrative console.

About this task

By default, the administrative and server bundle builds request 30 GB of storage and assign a limit of 100 GB of storage. You can configure different requests and limits by specifying different values in the custom resource for the application.


  1. In the Red Hat OpenShift console, in the Administration section, select Custom Resource Definitions.
  2. In the CustomResourcesDefinitions window, select the HealthWorkspace custom resource definition record.
  3. In the CustomResourceDefinition details window, on the Instances tab, select the instance for which you want to specify ephemeral storage.
  4. On the YAML tab for the instance, in the spec.settings.deployment.ephemeralStorage section, specify values for the storage request and storage limits, as shown in the following example:
                   "deployment": {
                           "buildTag": "latest",
                           "mode": "up",
                           "persistentVolumes": [],
                           "serverBundles": [
                               "name": "default",
                               "bundleType": "all",
                               "isDefault": true,
                               "isUserSyncTarget": true,
                               "isMobileTarget": true,
                               "routeSubDomain": "all",
                               "replica": 1
                       "ephemeralStorage": {
                           "limits": {
                               "adminBuild": "100Gi",
                               "serverBundleBuild": "100Gi"
                           "requests": {
                               "adminBuild": "30Gi",
                               "serverBundleBuild": "30Gi"
  5. Save the custom resource.