Activating Maximo Health

You must activate Maximo® Health before you can use it.

About this task


  1. Review your Maximo Health configuration and confirm that your settings meet the needs of your Maximo Health deployment. Then, on the Maximo Health Activation page, click Activate.
    Note: You might see a warning message to confirm the activation with incomplete prerequisites. For example, a message is displayed when you do not include the database settings for database configuration. In this case, select Configure and add your database configuration.
    You can monitor the Maximo Health activation progress in the Workspace details page. For more information, see the monitoring section in Deploying and activating Maximo Health.

    While the application is deployed, the following pods are added to the Pods table and the status of each pod is set to running:

    • Operator pods
      • ibm-truststore-mgr-controller-manager-string-string
      • ibm-mas-manage-operator-string-string
      • ibm-mas-imagestitching-operator-string-string
    • Usersyncagent pod. The full name of this pod is environment-usersyncagent-string-string.
    • Groupsyncagent pod. The full name of this pod is environment-groupsyncagent-string-string.
    • Health-workspaceagent pod. The full name of this pod is environment-entitymgr-ws-string-string.
    • Other entity manager pods with naming convention as environment-entitymgr-xxx-string-string.
    • Tenant operator pod. The full name of this pod is health-tenant-operator-string-string.

    string is a randomly generated set of numbers and letters.

  2. In the Confirmation page, you can expand the Summary to reconfigure view and then click Activate on this screen to start the activation process.
    The Maximo Health Workspace Details page is displayed. You can now monitor the Activation process.
    Note: You can reconfigure the activation process as needed. Follow these steps.
    1. Select Actions > Workspace Details > Update configuration.
    2. Select the specific configuration that you want to change in the Update Configuration screen.
      The configuration option is displayed again in the screen. You can reconfigure that option and other options as you need.
    3. Click Activate again.
      If you click Exit, you are redirected again to the Application Details page. You can continue to monitor the status through this screen, scrolling down the page to see the Workspace Activation detailed process, or under Activate in workspace, you can click Go to workspace details page link.

What to do next

Do the post-deployment configuration, such as giving permission to the Maximo Health admin user to connect to Maximo Health. After the Maximo Health admin user is synchronized, log out and log in again to Maximo Application Suite with the admin user and access Maximo Health.

When new versions are available, system administrators can update the deployed application. To update to a new version, in Maximo Application Suite, go to Suite administration, select Applications from the side navigation menu, and click Update available for Maximo Health.

When updates are required, system administrators can also reconfigure and update initial implementations on the Maximo Health workspace details page. To reconfigure and update changes, select Workspaces from the side navigation menu, and click Maximo Health. On the Maximo Health workspace details page, click Actions, and select Update configuration.

After the activation process is completed, complete the post-deployment configuration steps.