Troubleshooting monitoring issues

Enable Prometheus in debug mode to troubleshoot monitoring issues. If the data source connection is not working in Grafana, you can reset the value for the authentication header.

  • Enable the debug mode in config.yaml file in "user-workload-monitoring-config" configmap.
        logLevel: debug
  • Check the data source connection in Grafana. If you see any issue with the metrics in the Grafana chart, reset the value for the authentication header to BEARER_TOKEN.
    1. To reset the value, click Add data source from the Configuration menu.
      Figure 1. Check data source - 1
      Check data source
    2. Click Reset and provide a valid value. For more information, see Installing and configuring Grafana.
    3. Click Save & Test.
      Figure 2. Check data source - 2
      Check data source - 2

For more information, see Troubleshooting monitoring issues.