Configuring persistent volume claims during deployment

When you configure a persistent volume claim (PVC) during deployment, the storage in the volume that you provisioned is available to all server bundles in the workspace.

Before you begin

Ensure that you prepared a persistent storage volume and can provide the volume name, class name, mount path, and size for your persistent volume claim.


  1. Log in to Maximo® Application Suite as a system administrator.
  2. On the Catalog page, on the Applications tab, select the Health tile.
  3. On the application details page, click Actions and select Update configuration.
  4. In the Persistent volume claims (PVCs) row in the Update configuration window, click the Edit icon.
  5. In the Persistent volume claims (PVCs) section of the configuration window, click Add PVC.
    You might have to click System managed to view configuration options.
  6. Add the following details for your persistent volume claim:
    Option Description
    PVC name User-defined name of the persistent volume claim for storage.
    Volume name Name of the volume that was provisioned for persistent storage.
    Size Amount of storage that is required for this persistent claim.
    Mount path Mount path for the volume within the Maximo Health pod.
    Storage class name Storage class that describes and classifies the storage.
  7. After you complete the configuration, select one of the following options:
    • If you are configuring a new deployment, click Activate.
    • If you are updating a deployment, click Apply changes.