Creating service requests in Maximo Mobile

When you spot a problem, such as a leaking air conditioning unit, you can log in to Maximo® Mobile on your device and create a service request. You can also view the details of service requests that you created in the past.

About this task

Unlike the other functions in Maximo Mobile, the service request function does not require AppPoints. The user who opens the service request must have a Maximo Application Suite account.


  1. Log in to the Maximo Mobile application and open Service Requests.
  2. Create a service request and specify a category.
    For example, the category for a leaking air conditioning unit is Heating & Air.
  3. Select a type of service request or tap Describe the service request to enter a detailed description.
  4. Optional: Specify other details about the request, such as the location, asset, or, service address.
  5. Optional: Tap Attachments to add a photo or video to your service request.
  6. Submit the service request.