User interface system properties

The web client system properties define the behavior and characteristics of the user interface. To review or change system properties, filter for the term webclient in the System Properties application. System property values are preserved during upgrades. A security property is used to set the Content-Security-Policy header, which is separate from the webclient category of properties.

Property name Description Default value
mxe.sec.header.Content_Security_Policy Sets the Content-Security-Policy header. It is used to block unwanted resources from the user interface. mxe.sec.header. <header name>
Property name Description Default value
mxe.webclient.503_retry-after Specifies the number of seconds before a retry is attempted when an HTTP connection is not successful. The retry-after value is added to the header of the HTTP response for a 503 response error. 180
mxe.webclient.activitydashboard A Boolean value that enables or disables activity dashboard monitoring. You might need to add this property before you enable it. FALSE
mxe.webclient.allowURLDefinedUISessionID Allows a launching URL to define the session ID for the UI state object that is created. 0
mxe.webclient.async Indicates whether asynchronous data validation is enabled for the system. Asynchronous (or background) data validation is the default behavior but you can disable it if required. 1
mxe.webclient.asyncerrortooltipwaitbeforeopen The number of seconds before an error tooltip displays when a user drags the mouse over an error icon. 2
mxe.webclient.asyncrendertimelimit Specifies the maximum number of seconds between the responses that are sent to the user interface when processing multiple asynchronous validation requests. 15
mxe.webclient.asyncrequestsbeforerender Specifies the maximum number of concurrent asynchronous validation requests that the user interface framework processes before rendering a response. 5
mxe.webclient.attachimage Enables or disables the Attach Clipboard Image button when you create communications. 0
mxe.webclient.checkCSRFONLogout If CSRF checks are enabled, checks the CSRF security token during the logout process. 0
mxe.webclient.ClientDataValidation Enables client side browser data validation. The mxe.webclient.async property must also be set for this property to work. 1
mxe.webclient.ClientEventQueue.threshold The maximum number of events in the client event queue before the queue is sent to the server. 2
mxe.webclient.ClientEventQueue.timeout The maximum time in milliseconds the client event queue waits before the queue is sent to the server. 10000
mxe.webclient.deepRequiredCheck When this property is enabled, before saving data, a check is completed to verify that valid data was provided for all fields that require a value. 1
mxe.webclient.disablelongopquery Indicates whether a longop query is disabled. 0
mxe.webclient.exitcontexttimeout Context timeout on exiting. 0
mxe.webclient.gotoButtonHeaders Hides the Go To button when disabled. If this property is enabled and the home button property is disabled, the Go To button appears with the other buttons on the header and is less apparent. 1
mxe.webclient.homeButtonHeaders Makes the Start Center and Go To buttons more apparent in the UI and separates them from the other header buttons. Disabling this property adds the buttons to the other header buttons and makes them less apparent. Disabling this property also moves the Go To button, even if the Go To button property is enabled. 1
mxe.webclient.isUpgrade Indicates that an upgrade has occurred. 0
mxe.webclient.listtable.retainstate When enabled, this property retains the state of the List tab for the user session. If disabled, when the user returns to the List tab after working in other tabs, the List tab is reset and any filters set are lost. 1
mxe.webclient.logging.CorrelationEnabled A Boolean value to enable or disable the Correlation ID for tracking. FALSE
mxe.webclient.lostconnectionrecheckinterval Specifies the interval in seconds to wait before rechecking the server to see if the connection is restored after a loss of connection. 2
mxe.webclient.lostconnectionwarninginterval Specifies the interval in seconds to wait before checking if the connection to server is lost. 15
mxe.webclient.lostconnectionwarningonly A Boolean value that enables or disables display of a server connection lost only warning. FALSE
mxe.webclient.maxNavbarQueryLimit Sets the limit of query items that are displayed in the navigation bar. 20
mxe.webclient.maxuisessions Specifies the maximum number of concurrent sessions configured for the server. 0
mxe.webclient.maxuisessionsend503 If enabled, the server sends a 503 error when the server reaches the maximum number of concurrent sessions, or when the user reaches the maximum number of UI sessions for an HTTP session. 1
mxe.webclient.maxUISessionsPerHttpSession Redirects you to the login error page when the user reaches the maximum number of UI sessions for an HTTP session. A setting less than 1 is unlimited. 10
mxe.webclient.outOfOrderReqTimeout The number of seconds a client request waits for earlier sequenced requests to reach the server. 20
mxe.webclient.simpledomaindownload Allows you to automatically download simple domains. 1 Specifies the style that is used in the user interface. MAS8
mxe.webclient.tabBreadcrumbs Enables subtabs to be suppressed when the List tab is visible and replaces the List tab with a button when deep in a record. 1
mxe.webclient.searchMenubar Hides the app menu bar when set to 0. The app menu bar includes the Advanced Search button and the Save Query button. 0

Specifies the position of labels.

When set to 0, labels appear beside the corresponding field. When set to 1, labels appear above the corresponding field.

When set to 2, labels dynamically adjust to the left of the field or above the field as the interface increases or decreases in size.

mxe.webclient.warningHandling Enables applications to perform a check for all required fields that need a value when saving. 0
webclient.ResultSetQueryTimeout Specifies the number of seconds that elapse before a query timeout occurs when it is initiated from a ResultsBean. 360
webclient.accessibilitymode A Boolean value that enables or disables UI accessibility mode. FALSE
webclient.addhyphentobreak If enabled, adds a hyphen to break words. FALSE
webclient.allowinsubframe Allows the Maximo® system to load within a frame (disable frame busting). FALSE
webclient.canbreakwords If enabled, breaks words for text rendering. TRUE
webclient.changepwdapp Change password application. changepswd Provides access to the debug console for the specified security group. Null
webclient.debug.console.users Provides access to the debug console for the specified users. Null
webclient.debugupgrade Enable additional logging for debugging the screen upgrade process. FALSE
webclient.defaultbutton Disables default buttons globally for tables. 1 Specifies the default security group that can add generic signature options and application authorizations for new applications in the Application Designer. MAXADMIN
webclient.dojo.debug A Boolean value that enables or disables debugging for the Dojo framework. 0
webclient.downloaddatetimeastext Sends data from a table download from Microsoft Excel in text or date and time format. 0
webclient.downloaddurationastext Allows you to download the duration type as text in Microsoft Excel. 1
webclient.downloadpreservewhitespace Preserves text white space from Excel download. 1
webclient.emptylistonclear If enabled, an empty table displays when a filter is cleared, or a Clear button is used. TRUE
webclient.enabledoclinkonload If enabled, the style of an attachments control can change to indicate whether there is a document attached. FALSE
webclient.exitcontexttimeout This property specifies the delay in seconds before closing a session after the user exits. 60
webclient.exitwarn A Boolean value that enables or disables a warning whenever a user exits. 1
webclient.gcfilepath The filepath for garbage collection. C:\\bea\\user_projects\\mydomain\\
webclient.hideUnauthorizedFavoriteApps Prevents a favorite application from showing if a user loses access to it. 1
webclient.leavecontexttimeout The time that elapses after a user leaves a context, before the context times out. 60
webclient.listwarningthreshold A Boolean value that enables or disables the display of a warning when the number of records to list exceeds the maximum number of records that can be shown on the page. 1
webclient.loginerrorpage Specifies the location of the login error JSP page. ../webclient/login/loginerror.jsp
webclient.loginpage Specifies the location of the login JSP page. ../webclient/login/login.jsp
webclient.logoutpage Specifies the location of the log out JSP page. ../webclient/login/logout.jsp
webclient.longopquerydialogwaitetime If a longop query does not complete within the time specified (in ms), a dialog box opens. 3000
webclient.mask Specifies the characters to show when a field is masked. XXXXXX
webclient.maxdownloadrows Specifies the maximum number of records to download in a table. Setting this value to -1 (minus one) downloads all rows of data. -1
webclient.maxRecentApps Specifies the number of applications that appear in the My Recent Applications list. Set to 0 to disable the list. 8
webclient.maxselectrows Specifies the maximum number of rows that a user can select from a results (or list) table. 200
webclient.multibrowsersupport Indicates whether a user can open applications in multiple tabs in a browser or in multiple browser windows. TRUE
webclient.multisorttables Indicates whether a user can sort multiple columns. FALSE
webclient.needssave A list of events that require save access. addrow,toggledeleterow
webclient.no_xmlcache Resets the browser cache. FALSE
webclient.performancestatistics Generates user interface performance statistics. disabled
webclient.refreshKpiPortlet Controls whether the KPI Portlets refresh on login. 1
webclient.richtext.blocknode Sets the rich text editor block node for the enter key: BR, DIV, or P. DIV
webclient.richtext.fontlist The rich text editor uses default web fonts, such as serif, monospace, and sans-serif. Add a comma-separated list of custom fonts, if required. null
webclient.savestartcentertemplatelabels If enabled, the labels in the Start Center are stored in the database for translation. If disabled, labels are not saved for translation. TRUE
webclient.selectrow.async If enabled, clicking on a check box will not change the row that is in focus. The user must click elsewhere on the row to move the focus to that row. 1
webclient.sessiontimeoutwarningtime Specify the number of minutes that can elapse before a session timeout warning is shown. 2
webclient.smartfill If enabled, a user can enter partial data in a field and, if an exact match is found in the database, the field updates with this value. If multiple possible matches are found, the user can select from a list of possible matches to update the field. ON
webclient.startapp Specifies the application that loads on startup (if not using a start application). startcntr
webclient.startpage Specifies the page that loads on startup (if not using a start page).  
webclient.synchronousQueryFields Forces synchronous validation on some fields. Must be kept in sync with the multitenancy async property. 0
webclient.systemeventhandler Specifies the system event handler.
webclient.useabbrrenderid If enabled, shorter renderIds are used. TRUE
webclient.useabsoluteimagepath If enabled, applications must use an absolute path for images. FALSE
webclient.useClientTimer Adjusts the Current® Time according to how long the page is opened and not when the page was rendered. 1
webclient.webseal.eaiheader The header name that is used to communicate External Authentication Information to the system. am-eai-server-task
webclient.webseal.sessionidheader The header name that is used to send the session id from webseal to the system. user_session_id
webclient.webseal.terminatessesion Enables the termination of the webseal during a session timeout. 0
webclient.wfmapimageformat Specifies the format of the WorkFlow Map image, which must be in .png or .gif format. png
webclient.wraplength Length to wrap 75
webclient.wrapreadonlycolumns Wrap UI Columns TRUE