Maximo Mobile overview

Maximo® Application Suite customers who deployed and activated Maximo Manage can download the Maximo Mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

The navigator

The navigator is the home page of the app. From here, you can begin many of your key tasks for the day. If you have the correct permissions, you can even create records from the navigator. Tap the plus to create records, such as work orders, service requests, and inspections. You can return to the navigator from any page in the app by tapping the navigator menu.

Overview of applications and features

When you download the Maximo Mobile app, the following applications and features are included in the download. Depending on your permissions, you might not see all applications.

Table 1. Standard applications
Application Description Availability
Approvals Approve, assign, and monitor work. This application is visible only to users who have the authority to approve work. From Maximo Mobile 8.3 and Maximo Application Suite 8.6
Assets See the details of all your assets, including their specifications and associated meters. From Maximo Application Suite 8.9
Inspections Complete inspections and record inspection results. Create unscheduled inspection forms and view inspection results. All releases
Inventory Counting Use count books, ad hoc counts, and reconciliation to ensure valid inventory balances. From Maximo Application Suite 8.8
Service Request Open a service request to report an issue. From Maximo Mobile 8.3 and Maximo Application Suite 8.6
Receiving Storeroom clerks can receive inventory items and shipments by using the Inventory receiving and Shipment receiving options. Maximo Application Suite 8.10
Issues & Transfers Storeroom clerks can issue items that are reserved for approved work orders. Users have access to existing inventory usage records on their mobile devices. Maximo Application Suite 8.11
Table 2. Features
Feature Description Availability
Assets & Digital Twin Access real-time data from operating assets to learn, diagnose, and take action. All releases
Help & Support Lean more about how to use the app. All releases
Map View the locations of your work on a map and plan your route. The map function requires IBM® Maximo Spatial. All releases
Materials & Tools See a checklist of the materials and tools that you need to complete your work. All releases
My Schedule View detailed information about your work and complete work orders. All releases
Settings Specify your preferences for the application. All releases
Table 3. Map features
Icon Description Availability
Icon for displaying layers on map Add or remove layers to see different information on the map. All releases
Icon for saving your location on map Save your GPS location. From Maximo Mobile 8.3 and Maximo Application Suite 8.6
Icon for identifying features on a map Identify both visible and hidden features on the map. From Maximo Mobile 8.3 and Maximo Application Suite 8.6
Menu for other options on map Access more options. From Maximo Application Suite 8.9
Icon for saving your location on map Download the map for offline use. From Maximo Application Suite 8.8
Icon for viewing floor plans Select a building and view the floor plans. From Maximo Application Suite 8.9
Icon for searching the map Search the map. From Maximo Application Suite 8.9
Icon for viewing related records View related records. From Maximo Application Suite 8.9
Table 4. Applications that are available with entitlement
Application Description Availability
Assist Get AI insights to increase fix rate and receive remote expert assistance. All releases
Defects Create defects and use artificial intelligence to analyze photos to identify defects. The Defects function is available to only IBM Maximo Civil Infrastructure customers. From version 8.8

Overview video

Check out the video to learn more about how a technician can complete a work order and an inspection:

Maximo Mobile for EAM for Maximo Asset Management

Maximo Mobile for EAM is a mobile application platform that allows users to securely access Maximo Asset Management functionality on a mobile device. Maximo Asset Management is an older version of Maximo Manage that was not released as part of Maximo Application Suite.

The Maximo Mobile for EAM Android and iOS apps are available for download from Google Play and the Apple App Store. The Maximo Mobile for EAM Windows app is available on Passport Advantage Online. After a mobile user installs the app on their device and connects to the Maximo Asset Management server, mobile applications that are deployed on the server are set up on the user's device. These applications provide a mobile user with capabilities to manage work and conduct inspections both when the Maximo Mobile for EAM app is connected and disconnected.

You can download the complete documentation for Maximo Mobile for EAM as a .pdf file. To download the documentation, click Installing and Configuring Maximo Mobile for EAM 8.11.

IBM Asset & Facilities Management Community

The IBM Asset & Facilities Management Maximo community provides additional information in the form of comprehensive application configuration examples, application upgrade guidance, and other developer resources.