Integrating with Maximo Connector for TRIRIGA

Maximo® Connector for TRIRIGA® integrates Maximo Application Suite and TRIRIGA Application Suite.

Use case examples

TRIRIGA Application Suite is the system of record for people and space data while Maximo Application Suite is the system of record for assets.

  • The maintenance team wants consistent reports across the entire organization and more streamlined operations. The Spaces flows that are provided in App Connect can be used to bulk load all Spaces data from TRIRIGA Application Suite into locations in Maximo Application Suite. Then, the data is continuously synchronized when the facility management team updates data in TRIRIGA Application Suite. The update applies in both directions to assets or people data.
  • Employees use TRIRIGA Application Suite to submit a service request for a broken elevator. Because elevators are maintained in Maximo Application Suite, the flow creates a corresponding service request in Maximo Application Suite that is assigned to technicians and then resolved. When this service request is updated, the changes are automatically reflected in the service request in TRIRIGA Application Suite, so the originator of the request remains informed of its status. This flow can also operate in reverse if a service request originates from Maximo Application Suite for a maintenance operation that must be tracked in TRIRIGA Application Suite.
  • The facility management team has a capital project in TRIRIGA Application Suite to upgrade all the lights to LEDs. A budget, scope, and tasks are already defined in the project. The flow can then create corresponding work orders in Maximo Application Suite for each task for technicians to work on by using Maximo Manage and Maximo Mobile. When the tasks are updated in Maximo Application Suite, those updates flow back into TRIRIGA Application Suite and are reflected in the project plan.

Connector architecture

IBM® App Connect provides a flexible environment for integration solutions to transform, enrich, route, and process business messages and data. App Connect flows enable specific integration use cases by connecting to predefined APIs to route and map data. Mappings are predefined and can be customized.

The Maximo integration framework for Maximo Application Suite and OSLC API framework for TRIRIGA Application Suite are used and enabled through provided packages that can be imported.

This connector supports the following capabilities through a collection of App Connect flows:

  • Bidirectional loading and continuous synchronization of portfolio data, such as people, locations, and assets.
  • Bidirectional routing of service requests between TRIRIGA Application Suite and Maximo Application Suite.
  • Automatic shadowing of work tasks in TRIRIGA Application Suite with work orders in Maximo Application Suite, which enables facility teams in planning, budgeting, and project management in TRIRIGA Application Suite while work tasks are reflected in Maximo Application Suite.
The architecture diagram illustrates the information flow between TRIRIGA Application Suite and Maximo Application Suite using IBM App Connect.

Data mapping diagram

The data mapping diagram illustrates the record types that are available by the APIs and App Connect flows.

Portfolio data
Continuous synchronization of portfolio data such as for people, locations, and assets.
Service requests
Real-time service requests and work orders routing for coordinated operation.
Tasks and work orders
Planning in TRIRIGA Capital projects streamlined with Maximo Manage for execution.
The architecture diagram illustrates the information flow between TRIRIGA Application Suite and Maximo Application Suite for portfolio data, service requests, task orders, and work orders.