Configuring multiple-queue live chat: Service Desk manager

A Service Desk manager configures a more complex, multiple-queue live chat operation by designating person groups as chat queues, creating ticket templates for chat topics, configuring response plans to route chat requests that arise from solutions, and more. Users can be authorized to initiate live chats and granted the permission to create new chat queues.

Before you begin

After you perform the initial configuration steps, you can control whether a queue is accepting chat requests, make queues available or unavailable, review waiting and in-progress chats, and view agents and their status. These operations are described in Managing live chat operations.


Complete these main steps to set up an efficient multiple-queue live chat operation:

  1. Go to the System Properties application (Open menu > System Configuration > Platform Configuration > System Properties), and search for the sccd.livechat.singlechattopictemplate system property.
  2. Clear the global value in the sccd.livechat.singlechattopictemplate system property. This value was set to specify that a single-queue setup would be used. You want to move away from the single-queue setup, so you remove the value. The value is the ID of the CHAT_TOPIC ticket template that was pre-configured to enable single-queue live chat.
  3. Determine the types of chat requests that will be routed to agents. Users request chats from within Service Desk solutions or from the main Self Service Center page. You will create chat queues containing Agents who respond to these requests.
  4. Decide which agents are best suited to respond to chat requests that are submitted.
    For example, for a networking problems, identify a set of agents who have networking expertise. For issues involving business applications, identify agents with that expertise. An agent can belong to multiple chat queues.
  5. Create person groups that contain agents who have the needed expertise in the areas that you have identified, and designate these person groups as chat queues. See Creating chat queue person groups for more information.
  6. If you want to enable chat requests from the Self Service Center home page, create ticket templates to be used for chat topics, and set owner groups for the templates. See Creating ticket templates used for chat topics for more information.
  7. If you want to enable chat requests from within solutions, create response plans that route the requests to the appropriate owner groups, and set owner groups to chat queues. See Creating chat response plans for more information.