Specifying a CI classification image

CI classifications have associated topology images that enable you to immediately identify the type of a CI that is displayed in the graph. This product provides a set of default images with associated CI classifications. You can associate any CI classification that is defined in your environment with any of the topology images.

About this task

Most of the CI classification images are visually representative. For example, the image that is used for the Firewall classification is a red brick wall. If a CI classification does not have an explicitly representative image, its CI nodes are displayed with an image of a gray file cabinet. You can assign different images to any of the classifications.

To associate a topology image with a CI type, perform the following steps:

Note: You can also use Deployer's Workbench to associate topology images with CI types. For details, see the information that was installed with Deployer's Workbench.


  1. Perform either of the following procedures to open the Classification view for the CI type that you are working with:
    • Go to the Configuration Items application (Open menu > IT Infrastructure > Configuration Items), open a CI that has this classification, click double arrow icon at the Classification field, and select Go To Classifications.
    • Go to the Classifications application (Open menu > Administration > Classifications), and click the name of the classification in the list.
  2. Click double arrow icon at the Topology Image field and choose Select Value.

    A dialog lists and describes the images that you can use as topology icons. Using the descriptions as your guide, select an image that fits the CI classification that you are working with. If none of the images in the list fit the CI classification, select application.svg. A CI with the application.svg classification is displayed as a node containing a gray file cabinet.

    Note: If the images available are not suitable, you can add your own customized CI classification images to the topology.
  3. Copy the images to this folder C:\ibm\SMP\maximo\applications\maximo\maximouiweb\webmodule\webclient\im ages\topology. Then rebuild and redeploy the maximo ear file.
  4. Click double arrow icon at the Topology Image field and choose Manage Images. Click New Row and provide a name and description for the image. The image filename should contain a .svg extension. The image is then available for selection as a topology icon.