Requesting a chat from within a solution

After you search for and select a solution to your problem, you might discover that the solution does not fit your needs. If your administrator has configured the live chat service to enable you to do so, you can request a chat with an Agent to resolve your solution-related issues.

About this task

You must be logged in and have access to the Self Service Center to use the live chat service.


Perform these steps:

  1. In the Self Service Center (Open menu > Self Service > Self Service Center), search for a solution to your problem. See the documentation for the Search Solutions application for more details about searching for solutions.
  2. Select a solution, and inspect the solution in the View Solution window.
  3. After determining that the solution does not fit your needs, click Chat with Agent about this Solution in the View Solution window.

    The End User Chat window is displayed. It contains a message that you are waiting for an agent to join the chat. If no agent is available, a message is displayed to that effect and you can close the chat window.

  4. When an agent joins the chat, you can state your issue and converse with the agent about it. The messages typed both by you and by the agent are displayed in the window and are time-stamped.
  5. After the chat is completed, you close the chat. If further work is needed to resolve your issue, the agent might notify you by e-mail when this work is completed, as appropriate.